Chai Hygiene

At Chai, hygiene is in our genes; it’s in our jeans too. And when a customer is done with his meal, there is only one thing that rings in all our heads: RAJU PHADKA MAAR. Raju uses his magic phadka and the table is ready for the next customer.

Our hands are always clean, and that’s because we never run out of our supply of hand wash. But in case we do, Raju comes to our rescue once again. He sprints to the nearest shop like P.T. Usha and gets some more.

Lastly, there is one thing that you won’t find on our menu but you’ll find it all around you. We call this thing Cleanliness. So when you order food and Chai, it’ll come with it. Aur woh bhi bilkul MUFT MUFT MUFT.