Did you know?

  • Ask any man and he’ll tell you he doesn’t like paying taxes. So it’s no wonder that when they introduced a tax on tea in America in 1773, colonists dressed up as Native Americans and dumped 45 tons of tea in the harbour at Boston, Massachusetts. What a horrible waste of precious, precious tea. But that my friends, was the beginning of the American Revolution.
  • Ever heard the name Thomas Sullivan? Well now you have. He was the man who accidentally invented tea bags in around 1904 when he sent samples of his tea to his customers in small cloth bags because the high cost of tin boxes annoyed him. So all you lazy people who don’t like to take the effort to make tea properly, please give that man a round of applause. Or are you too lazy to do that too?
  • Tasseography is an area of fortune-telling that involves tea. A tea leaf reader will first ask you to have a cup of tea, which is way better than sitting in front of a crystal ball or having a weird looking lady asking you to pick tarot cards. The fortune teller will then study the patterns made by the left over tea leaves in the cup to tell you how miserable or fantastic your future is going to be.
  • After tourism, the cultivation of tea is India's Second largest industry. And Indian tea is the most commonly drunk variety the world over, despite the fact that it originally came from China.
  • Are you terrified of dentists? Don’t you hate them?
    They break your teeth, pull them out and then ask to be paid. What monsters!!
    We have a solution. All you have to do is have some tea. It helps fight cavities.
    Note: Don’t ignore the dentist completely. You’ll still have to visit them every now and then.
  • Are you sneezing like a mad man? Has your nose gone red? The weather can be very unforgiving at times and may give you a cold. Why not have some tea? It contains catechins, which research suggests helps fight the virus that causes cold.
  • Matters of the heart should always be taken seriously. No we’re not talking of heart aches; we’re talking of keeping a healthy heart. Studies have shown that tea helps in reducing the risk of developing heart related diseases.